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Happy Birthday, Rhonda!

Tell Your Story Tuesday! Today I wish my dear sister Rhonda a Happy Birthday. She would have been 69 years young today. Five years have passed since she transitioned to heaven. Her legacy of living her life in love still remains. My eyes are blessed with seeing how much her life had touched so many others in a magical way. Her gift of two sons still remains with our paths connecting occasionally. Messages from her beloved friends still reach me across the miles of where she once lived. An unexpected story from a high school classmate shared with me of how Rhonda had shared kindness with her, making her feel seen, valued, and mattered as a new arrival to the school. Our words and actions matter.

Flowing scarves and wacky socks were part of Rhonda’s wardrobe during her living with cancer years. She found that when worn during her cancer treatment years, that they added humor, and connection with all of those surrounding her. 

Each year on Rhonda’s birthday, May 21, we ask all to share in honoring her by sharing a photo of you wearing your favorite scarf on Facebook and Instagram with #TellYourScarfStory

Join others on my website at to post your scarf photo. Scroll to the #TellYourScarfStory section to see an invite to upload your scarf photo. Come be part of the magic.

What does your favorite scarf look like? What’s Your Story?                           

-Roxann Christle Smith

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