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wacky Socks, flowing Scarves, and Love

Healing Advice for Living With Cancer

Rhonda Christle Rautio & Roxann Christle Smith

“I finally am able to move beyond my own limitations coming from fear and write freely from love with confidence, knowing that in sharing my words, others may find healing.”

- Rhonda Christle Rautio

Angled shot of the Healing Advice book written by Roxann Smith and Rhonda Rautio

About the Book

Wacky Socks, Flowing Scarves, and Love is a visual story and journal created by the love and journey of two talented sisters, Roxann and Rhonda. This book is filled with emotional-healing advice and encouragement for living with cancer and serves as a guide for navigating the mindless maze of a cancer diagnosis. Rhonda loved to wear wacky socks and flowing scarves during her cancer treatment years. She found that they added humor, light, and connection with all those surrounding her. Rhonda believed in the power of journaling to clear one’s thoughts and give rise to a new life full of possibilities, beauty, joy, peace, and love. She never liked the saying “battling with cancer.” She preferred making peace with it in her life by practicing gratitude, which allowed her not only to live with cancer but also to thrive.


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About the Author

Roxann Christle Smith is the founder of Tell Your Story, a creative company focused on helping individuals tell their stories through photos and scrapbooking. She works to create an understanding and acceptance of our individual stories by telling and celebrating one story at a time. Prior to founding her company, Roxann received a bachelor’s degree in education from Purdue University, which led to a teaching career in Indiana, Illinois, and Georgia. She expanded her love of teaching and her desire to help individuals to tell and preserve their stories as a creative memories consultant. She is the proud mother of two amazing, grown children, Katie and Kyle. Roxann currently lives in the North Carolina mountains with her husband, Scott, and her favorite chocolate lab, Bailey.

Roxann Christle Smith smiling in front of the water at sunset

Take a Peek Inside:

“So grateful for the ability to reach across the country and my own limitations in order to send “hope and healing” with your book to my friend with cancer. What a light you are giving to the world-helping those who are diagnosed but those of us who aren’t sure what to say or do. You gave me both- something to say and do- and I was able to find such fun socks! Your work is important and it matters.

-Mary Ellen Garde

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Finalist for The Best Book Award for American Book Fest

American Book Fest Finalist in the Health: Cancer category

The book is a work of art from the photos (some I totally recognized), the design, it’s inspiration and downright usefulness. Thank you for bringing this gift to life and to my doorstep!

- Marilyn


Rhonda loved to wear wacky socks and flowing scarves during her cancer treatment years. She found that they added humor, light, and connection with all those surrounding her. Each year on Rhonda’s birthday, May 21, Rhonda’s friends and loved ones don their favorite scarves and share their love on social media. Let Rhonda’s love live on in the hearts of others.

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