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Headshot of Roxann Smith in front of the lake

Roxann Smith

Owner, Tell Your Story

Having been born in a family of Irish heritage instilled in me the gift of listening to rich stories. Our stories are the key to sharing who we are. In each chapter in my life as a daughter, sister, friend, hobby photographer, teacher, wife, parent, family photo historian and founder of Tell Your Story, my passion to listen and tell individual’s stories has always been present.


The story of my mother’s living with dementia years gave rise to the call to tell the stories for those that are unable. Tell Your Story was founded on that belief of the importance to gather in community to share our stories enabling us to each be heard, seen, and valued. I look forward to watching the magic unfold here at Hawk’s Hill Farm with Tell Your Story as we connect, to ourselves, to each other, and to the land.

“The Universe is made of stories not atoms.”
-Muriel Rukeyser

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