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A Special Thank-You!

Today I want to express my gratitude to the following individuals who have already donated a book(s) to Rhonda's Healing Hugs Community. Our first mission with the donated books will be to allow those living with cancer to receive a free book as the follow the path on the Teaching Trail. This community hopes to expand in the future to supporting those with a cancer diagnosis access to other items that will let them know they are not alone on this journey. There is love and support in community. Thank you to the following for making this world a better place. You are Earth Angels indeed! 

Angeleigh Dorsey, Diana Murphy, Stacy Drew, Deana and Bishop family, Lauren Simmonds.

I look forward to the support of many to come with messages that travel has prevented them to donate a book but plan on being a part of this community.

What would you like to bring to Rhonda's Healing Hugs Community? What's Your Story?

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