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Tell Your Story Tuesday-September 13, 2022

Tell Your Story Tuesday! “ME CAMP” with the fabulous gifted, talented and friend Mary Ellen Garde has given us a chance to recharge our souls, bodies, and minds. Time away on a beach with fewer distractions gave way for a chance for in depth conversations, reading and learning, laughter, and rest. The results of filling our souls with rest, joy, whimsy, and silliness, has allowed our creative juices to begin to flow and expand. Gatherings at Hawk’s Hill Farm will begin soon at Christle’s Community Classroom with Life Coach Mary Ellen Garde leading a class on one of her favorite subjects-Gratitude! She will be teaching on Saturday, November 5, 2022. More details to come on how to register for one of the twelve available attendance spaces to join in the event. What has restored your soul to allow your creativity to rise again? What’s Your Story?

-Roxann Christle Smith

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