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“There isn’t anyone you couldn’t love once you’ve heard their story.”
-Mary Lou Kownacki

Tell Your Story sign outside with a dog in front

About Us

Tell Your Story provides a space or a platform for individuals to discover their authentic self and tell their story.

Nestled in the original farmhouse surrounded by the North Carolina Blue Ridge mountains at Hawk’s Hill Farm, the studio of Tell Your Story brings the opportunity to connect to self, to others, and to the land.

I believe we each have a story worthy of telling. When we discover our authentic self and develop a love for our self and story, we begin to open up to listen to the authentic stories of others. When we share our stories a creation of a connection, understanding, and acceptance of the stories of others occurs as we recognize ourselves in one another. Sharing our stories enables us each to be seen, heard, and valued.

Stories Told Here!

If you don’t Tell Your Story, who will? Your story is unique and deserves to be told in a creative and original way. Our products are created and designed to Tell Your Story uniquely as the story you are telling.

Wacky Socks, Flowing Scarves, and Love Book

Tell Your Story Gratitude Cards

Come Home to Yourself Event


Come here to Yourself Tell Your Story book and Believe book
Christele's Community Classroom

Christle's Community Classroom

Christle’s Community Classroom located in the newly built barn at Hawk’s Hill Farm provides a space to gather in community for inspiration, learning, and growth.

“Every person that you happen upon in your lifetime has a story to tell. Every person on the planet has the ability to teach us, if we’ll only be willing to listen.”

-Chip Gaines

How Will You Tell Your Story?

Our products are created and designed to Tell Your Story uniquely as the story you are telling.

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"What an honor it was to attend the opening of Tell Your Story! Beautiful things are happening here…during a time when we all find ourselves in need of authentic connections. Learning to “tell your story” allows us to reach a deeper understanding of ourselves which then deepens our relationships with others. Do your soul a favor and check out what’s going on at Tell Your Story!"

- Kathy Harrell

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